Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

One of my all time FAVORITE childhood memories is going fishing in Nantucket with my Dad. It was always such a mission. We'd hike the mile out to Great Point with our fishing poles and cast our wimpy little lines (baited with sand worms) out into the ocean. Then we'd sit in our beach chairs and munch on Milano cookies. He'll deny it but my Dad would fall asleep and I'd watch the fishing line intently.... for what felt like hours (in reality I know I last only 15 minutes before I would start looking for seashells to sneak into the car). I was limited to 1 seashell a day, but that's another long story.

Sorry for this rush of a doodle but I wanted to give a shouts out to my wonderful Dad. Wish I was over there to celebrate it with you Daddio!


  1. Hey Kelly,

    Thanks so much for the great Father's Day shout-out and doodle! Yes, hiking all the way out to that barren stretch of Great Point with you to fish was always such a special time each summer! It is not clear to me that we caught many strippers or blues - didn't really matter - but it was always one of my favorite Nantucket adventures!

    Miss you a bunch!


    PS - Remember when we found the big fishermen's buoy (aka "Deadliest Catch") washed-up on shore and then took turns dragging it all the way back to the car...ugh! Of course, now that buoy sits pool side here in Ridgefield!

  2. I love this drawing! What a great memory! What spectacular creativity by an awesome artist! :)