Friday, January 21, 2011


I've been doing some sketches for a pin-up project I'm working on... taking the advice from Joel Fajnor's class as well as some tips from some wise friends. Eh, still got a long way to go!

This last one I had to throw up- a few weeks ago I had dream with the "man of my dreams", the whole thing was very Disney-fairy-tale-like too funny. So per usual, I jumped out of bed and drew said dude above. Any way, I think I dreamt it after hearing how they decided on the prince for Tangled. During the concept art phase of "Tangled" they drew up to a hundred or so pictures of men then asked all the ladies to come vote on the most attractive one. So sorry- this sketch is no one in particular just a combination of guys my subconscious finds attractive. Should I be disappointed? :^P hahahaha

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